Paul Loughney
Permissible Interpretation of HistoryUntitledRented SpacesSubscription PosersIntrinsicalSlow BurnPlay ThingThe Last Portrait of a Late Night IdeaLazy StargazerUntitled Rehearsal XL Architecture as a Reflection of a Mental StateUnfamiliar HostLimitations of the Interior 1Limitations of the Interior 3UntitledCommiseration ProcessionThe Thing on the InsidePsychic TrespassShaky Sequence Static Occurance Endurance Contest She saw Damage, He saw Activity7 Results for Casting and SheddingAnchors are Useless on Land AnywayPerfect Temporary Solution SyndromeUndermining the RoomVacant Steps, Empty GesturesKeeping StableThree Part Story, Four Parts Memory
Conversations from the Void
My current artistic pursuits involve searching, excavating and reassembling fragments culled from consumer advertisements in contemporary magazines. This recent work depicts reconfigured images of interiors and explores the tension left behind by the absence of the figure. This absence, exemplified by the negative shapes and shadows, renders various instances of time and place and produces an entirely new narrative and presence. The interiors are intentionally reduced and lack most ornamentation, which underscores my interest in creating a nebulous expanse between familiar and unrecognizable forms, and in so doing, creates a sense of ambiguity and mystery.