Paul Loughney
Erotic NeuroticThe Allure of Vagueness HistrionicsPerformance PropThe Condo at 4 a.m.ImpostorTempusDoors Open, Lights On, Feet on the FloorEsoteric TalentsThe Inside JobGlitches BitchesTantrumsCrackleCootie FruitStatic and PhantomsThe Capacity to be a Real ThingBoy and the Big ImpossibleStormy VibrationsNeither Beginning Nor End
Big Impossible
My work deconstructs how notions of identity are built up around manufactured ideas of beauty, fantasy, ritual and desire.

Working in collage, my primary material is contemporary fashion magazines and I tend to approach them as an anthropological document. Any 'excavation' starts by cutting, removing and categorizing of imagery; beginning my exploration of how identity is promoted in material culture by exploiting the very material that supports that particular narrative.
My collages integrate masculine and feminine bodies culled from advertising that are alluring and also idealized props. They are further abstracted, reconfigured made intentionally ambiguous- heightening a tension between familiar and unrecognizable forms, creating a sense a mystery. I'm breaking apart manufactured ideas that exist as prepackage guises and superficial masks.